Hot & Cold Buffets

Buffet suggestion 1
Assorted sandwiches on brown and white bread
Homemade sausage rolls with Lincolnshire sausage meat
Pork pie and chutney
Chicken and mushroom vol au vents
Crisps and nibbles and dips


Buffet suggestion 2
Assorted filled tortilla wraps and sandwiches
Homemade quiche, Sausage rolls (as above)
Bread sticks and dips
Crisps and nibbles
Cheese and Pate selection
A good of cheeses,
With crusy bread & crackers, grapes and celery
A smooth pate and a coarse pate
With red onion marmalade


Buffet suggestion 3
Cajun chicken strips with salsa dip
Open rolls with assorted toppings
Lincolnshire sausage rolls
Fruit platter


Vegetarian Buffet
Home made cheese and onion quiche (vegetarian cheese)
Green salad
Cous cous
Roast veg tomato pasta
Home made bread
Fruit platter
Home made coleslaw
Roast tomato pasta salad
Ceaser dressed leaves
Crusty bread and butter
Lemon cheesecake
Vegetarian quiche
Mixed salads
Crusty bread and butter
Chocolate and caramel torte
Healthy eating buffet
Sandwiches on Granary and wholemeal bread
Crudites with low fat hommus dip
Cherry tomatoes
Fruit Platter


Hot Buffet 1
Home made chicken curry
Pork Stronaganof
Pilau Rice
Naan Breads
Garlic bread
Green salad
Chutney and yoghurt dip


Hot Buffet 2
Chilli con carne
Cajun chicken
Home made lasagne
Potato wedges
Green salad
Homemade coleslaw
Garlic bread
Grated cheese
Garlic mayo


Hot Buffet 3
Moroccan lamb tagine
Lemon and coriander cous cous
Lincolnshire sausages
Spiced potato wedges
Roasted vegetables
Green salad
Garlic roasted potatoes


Hot Buffet 4
Beef and Guiness casserole with wild mushrooms
Pork and cider casserole
Hot buttered potatoes
Seasonal vegetables




All buffets are for a minimum of 15 people.
For smaller numbers please make a separate enquiry.

“Ruby buffet ... Dear Christine, We would both like to say on our behalf, and on behalf of everyone who came to help us celebrate that we were extremely satisfied and impressed with the excellent quality of the food and service your provided. We have already recommnded you to several other people and we heard nothing but praise from all the people who attended last Saturday”

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